Yieldmo iOS SDK

Yieldmo provides SDKs that allow developers to integrate Yieldmo’s ad formats into apps and websites. Our iOS SDK is available as a closed-source static framework on Github and Cocoapods. This product is used by many popular iOS apps — across all platforms (web, iOS, and Android), Yieldmo’s ads reach 82% of smartphone users.

For the fourth version of our iOS SDK, we started from scratch to create a better native ads experience. We re-architected our codebase around an implementation of the MRAID 2.0 spec for interactive native ads. This allows us to pass information between our iOS and JS codebases, enabling a very similar user experience across all platforms.

We provide comprehensive documentation, integration instructions, and an adapter for DoubleClick for Publishers.

For this version, we also fully automated our build and integration testing process for the first time.

Architecture Diagram:

Created with Elber Carneiro, Rahul Rao, and the rest of the team at Yieldmo. I was the lead iOS developer on this project.

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