Hello, World

I’m Nook (like the e-reader).

I like to make things at the intersection of technology, product, and design. I work on Etsy’s backend API — building new features and helping other engineers succeed.

Previously, I built Yieldmo’s advertising platform for mobile web. I also worked at Viacom Lab on products & experiences to explore the future of media.

My education was at Dartmouth College, where I earned an M.S. in Computer Science with a Concentration in Digital Arts, and helped establish DALI — a technology innovation lab.

In my free time, I play the violin and read sci-fi + fantasy novels. I’m annoyed by pop-up ads and the death of the subjunctive.

#INFJ #Ravenclaw


I do not respond to personal emails about job opportunities — send those here instead.

For everything else, feel free to send a message. You can encrypt your message using my public key.

About this Site

I built this using the wintersmith engine, which allows me to generate a static website from markdown files and jade templates. The full source is available on Github.

Cool stuff used:

More information about this site can be found on my portfolio.