Field is a prototype iOS app that helps users create looping, musical videos through a remixing algorithm that layers sounds in rhythmic patterns. Created with Andrew Alburn and Jadie Oh at Viacom Lab.

Problem Statement

How might we help amateurs create vine-length music videos?

UX Design

Mockups of potential interfaces for Field.


Prototype iOS app created through ~3 weeks of iteration in Swift.


Capture audio signal: Filter signal: Detect peaks: Find loud and quiet regions: Combine peaks + loud regions to find sample regions:

Randomly sample from within sample regions, choosing short clips that are either within the loud regions or aligned with peaks.

Finally, layer the samples in beat patterns, randomly selecting from a set of manually-curated rhythms designed to combine musically:

Play layered audio and video.


Videos created with Field (click bottom right for sound).

See more fields here.

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