Objective-C Samples

Three bite-sized iOS applications demonstrating my fluency in Objective-C. All available on Github.

Persistent Counter

A simple counter view controller that allows you to add named counters, and increment/decrement their value. Counters can also be re-ordered and deleted.

I used Realm to persist counter data, including positions. Full source available here.

Nearby Places

Presents a list of places near the user using the Google Places API. Shows preview images of places in-line, and loads more results when reaching the end of the list.

Cocoapods used:

  • GoogleKit (DanielyBotelho’s branch): wrapper for Google Places API; makes it easier to fetch places and place photos
  • SDWebImage: asyncronously load images

Full source available here.

Two-Dimensional Table View

A grid of UICollectionView cells, each in horizontal scrolling collection view contained within the larger table view.

I created two classes:

  • CollectionViewTableViewCell — a tableview cell that contains a collection view
  • TwoDTableView — a subclass of UITableView that is its own data source and delegate

I also created an example project that uses the TwoDTableView to display the top albums in each country on the iTunes store. Full source available here.

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