Typescript SDK (Yieldmo)

Faced with overwhelming technical debt, Yieldmo decided to completely re-write our existing Javascript codebase in Typescript. I was the team lead for this project, responsible for estimation, architecture, and development. After six months of effort, we were able to release the new code across all of our publishers with no major incidents.

As a result of the new code, we were able to achieve a 10% reduction in time to first request to our ad server (resulting in significant revenue increases). Webpack and other build system improvements reduce build times by 81% below our legacy codebase. Roughly 90% of lines are covered by unit tests, and clear modules and documentation drastically reduce effort for fixing bugs and adding features.

Created with Elber Carneiro, Jasmine Noack, and the rest of the Formats team at Yieldmo. Rahul Rao and the product team were invaluable for convincing the business of the project’s value.

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